We are one of the leading providers of management consulting services and management support in the Swiss tourism industry.

The focus of our tourism consultancy services is on:

  • Assessing and putting the case for investment projects in respect of investors and partners (e.g. government agencies, NGOs) for mountain railway companies, hotels and other forms of tourism infrastructure.
  • Advising the public sector (municipalities, cantons, federal government) on issues relating to tourism development.
  • Strategies, business planning, orientation marketing and market analysis for tourism organisations, hotels and mountain railway companies.
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganisation in collaboration with equity and outside investors.
  • The development, reconstruction and optimisation of marketing structures, in particular of destination marketing companies.
  • The search for investors for the purchase of hotels and other tourism-related undertakings/real estate.
  • Reports in connection with the change of use and cross-financing of hotels within the framework of the Swiss Secondary Homes Law.
  • The calculation of the costs of second homes in tourist destinations.

Contact person

René Goetz

Partner and chairman of the Board of Directors

Bachelor’s degree in business administration
Post-graduate diploma in business administration

Peder Plaz

Partner and Member of the Board of Directors

Master in Public Administration (Harvard)
Degree in Business Administration HWV

Patricia Fritschi

Project Leader

CAS in Mediation
Degree in Business Administration (specialising in finance)

Brigitte Küng

Project Leader

Master of Science in Business Administration / Entrepreneurship

Robine Baumgartner


B.Sc. UAS in Tourism

Valeria D’Amico


B.Sc. FHZ in Business Administration with specialisation in Tourism and Mobility

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Current News




COVID19-Impulsprogramm Wirtschaft Graubünden

Eine Lagebeurteilung rund um die negativen wirtschaftlichen Auswirkungen von COVID19 im Kanton Graubünden.

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Stabilisierung der Reisebürobranche

Ein Bericht zum Handlungsbedarf für eine Sonderlösung in der Reisebürobranche.

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Standortentwicklungsstrategie der Region Maloja

Brigitte Küng und Peder Plaz dürfen die Region Maloja bei der Weiterentwicklung der Standortentwicklungsstrategie begleiten.

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Corona erfordert flexible Lösungen

Daniel Fust und Peder Plaz durften der Südostschweiz als Vertreter des Wirtschaftsforums Graubünden Rede und Antwort stehen.

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Mit veränderter Struktur und frischem Elan

Brigitte Küng und Peder Plaz durften die Gemeinde Tschiertschen bei der Reorganisation des Tourismusvereins unterstützen.

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