It’s likely that every single day one of our employees will be acting as moderator for a workshop or meeting somewhere in Switzerland.

There are two different ways of acting as moderator.

The first version is a neutral moderator who possesses little content-related knowledge of the specific theme and who focusses on allowing all the participants to have a say. The requests to speak are categorised, compiled and listed for example in a photo protocol.

The second version requires the moderator to have an understanding of the topic for discussion. As a general rule, the moderator will develop his/her own propositions and bases in preparation for the discussion. He/she will act as moderator for the meeting and ensure that all the participants contribute to the discussion in the best way possible. The moderator sees him/herself as a sparring partner, devil’s advocate and provider of ideas for the discussion, laying down a challenge to the participants.

We clearly belong to the second category of moderators. This is because we would like to ensure that the substance of the discussion is detailed and thought-provoking and isn’t just a ‘rehash’ of old ground.

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Lorenz Bösch


Degree in Agricultural Engineering (B.Sc)
Former Cantonal Councillor Canton of Schwyz

René Goetz


Bachelor’s degree in business administration
Post-graduate diploma in business administration

Peder Plaz


Master in Public Administration (Harvard)
Degree in Business Administration HWV

Patricia Fritschi

Project Leader

CAS in Mediation
Degree in Business Administration (specialising in finance)

Dr. Jürg Kuster

Project Leader

Dr. phil. nat.

Brigitte Küng

Project Leader

Master of Science in Business Administration / Entrepreneurship

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Zusammenwirken Politik und Gemeindewerk stärken

Lorenz Bösch und Patricia Fritschi haben eine politische Gemeinde bei der Erarbeitung der Eignerstrategie für die in eine selbständige öffentlich-rechtliche Anstalt ausgegliederten Gemeindewerke begleitet.

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