We are dealing with the development of markets and the conclusions for marketing in industry, commerce and tourism on a daily basis.

Our broad range of experience also enables us in particular to assign trends, know-how and methods from one sector to another. Our analyses are not just «marketing speak» and we don’t use «Anglicisms». We advocate soundly-based analyses and interpretation. As such, our analyses and marketing concepts always comprise a breakdown of figures/quantities and a cause-effect analysis. Because it’s only when you know the cause-effect that you can be successful in your marketing and only when you understand the quantities that you can apply the marketing resources effectively.

We don’t see ourselves as sector specialists because our clients are usually already sector specialists and they possess the necessary fundamental knowledge. Our task is to enable our clients to overcome operational ‘blindness’, to ‘see the wood for the trees’ and to identify trends that don’t necessarily originate from their particular sector.

We focus on:

  • Applied market analyses that deliver specific answers to questions which are relevant for the company. In this context, we normally use existing primary data and market research literature as a basis for drawing up marketing strategies.
  • Formulating marketing strategies in conjunction with the management and the personnel responsible.

Contact person

Peder Plaz


Master in Public Administration (Harvard)
Degree in Business Administration HWV

Patricia Fritschi

Project Leader

CAS in Mediation
Degree in Business Administration (specialising in finance)

Brigitte Küng

Project Leader

Master of Science in Business Administration / Entrepreneurship

Robine Baumgartner


B.Sc. UAS in Tourism

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Deutsche Gäste für die Schweiz zurückgewinnen

Irene Bösch und Peder Plaz durften sich im Auftrag der Konferenz der regionalen Tourismusdirektoren (RDK) mit der Frage auseinandersetzen, welche Bedeutung deutsche Gäste für die einzelnen Regionen der Schweiz haben, welche Geschäftsbereiche es gibt und wie sich diese entwickeln.

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