When it comes to strategy processes, we advocate the development of strategies and actions plans which are easy to understand, specific and manageable. We see our role as being to provide the management with an intellectual challenge and to guide it through the process.

We also endeavour in particular to persuade the participants to develop both new and unconventional ideas.

In our history, which now extends back more than 30 years, we have in particular also developed methods for a targeted reappraisal of the future and future trends and their consequences for the company’s activity  . We summarise the results in concise, straightforward and transparent documents.

We focus on:

  • The formulation of strategies in conjunction with the company’s management and Board of Directors or, in political institutions, the persons responsible.
  • The preparation for and staging of workshops for regularly reflecting on existing strategies.
  • Sounding out new approaches and opportunities using methods of innovation within the framework of strategic processes.
  • The alignment of our strategy work towards the view of the market as well as the market trend and development of the competition. Depending upon the task, we simultaneously conduct a comparison using the available organisational, personnel and financial resources.

Contact person

René Goetz

Partner and chairman of the Board of Directors

Bachelor’s degree in business administration
Post-graduate diploma in business administration

Lorenz Bösch

Partner and Member of the Board of Directors

Degree in Agricultural Engineering (B.Sc)
Former Cantonal Councillor Canton of Schwyz

Rainer Grundler

Project Leader

SME Diploma HSG
Swiss Banking School (Executive Program)

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Zusammenwirken Politik und Gemeindewerk stärken

Lorenz Bösch und Patricia Fritschi haben eine politische Gemeinde bei der Erarbeitung der Eignerstrategie für die in eine selbständige öffentlich-rechtliche Anstalt ausgegliederten Gemeindewerke begleitet.

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Umsetzung der Destinationsverdichtung

Sarah Schmid und Peder Plaz haben die Weiterentwicklung des Konzepts zur Destinationsverdichtung aktiv unterstützt. Dem Konzept wurde am 26. Oktober im Grundsatz zugestimmt. Mehr dazu finden Sie in der Medienmitteilung.

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