Feasibility Studies

Many great deeds start with a concept, vision or idea. In our practical experience, it’s often a case of turning an abstract idea into a concrete, realisable project  - at reasonable risk.

We focus on:

  • Feasibility studies in connection with the development and launch of new products and offerings.
  • Feasibility studies in connection with real estate and infrastructure projects.
  • Feasibility studies in connection with corporate acquisitions and cooperation arrangements.

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Digitalisierung von Verwaltungsprozessen

Das Thema Digitalisierug ist allgegenwärtig. Kurzfristig werden die Möglichkeiten und Entwicklungen tendenziell eher überschatzt. Langfristig werden die Möglichkeiten jedoch unseren Alltag immer deutlicher durchdringen.

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Charter Flights to Engadin Airport Samedan (SMV)

Peder Plaz und Robine Baumgartner have developed a promising business case to better connect the tourism industry of St. Moritz (Switzerland) an it's surroundings to major european Cities by air transportation based on charters flights. 

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