The areas of education, health and social affairs have become more important from the point of view of public expenditure. We support the public sector and actors from these issues, particularly with questions of how to improve economic effectiveness and efficiency.

We focus on:

  • Ex-ante and ex-post evaluations of legal measures, funding programs and the like.

  • The development of owner strategies for the public sector for state-owned companies.
  • The development of investment plans and location variants in connection with the realization of new offers or the merging or realignment of existing offers (e.g. schools, hospitals) and the corresponding preparation of bases for economic arguments.
  • The development of models for the fair distribution of costs among different public sector units for jointly used offers.
  • Mediation in political processes between different political entities.

Contact person

Lorenz Bösch

Partner and Member of the Board of Directors

Degree in Agricultural Engineering (B.Sc)
Former Cantonal Councillor Canton of Schwyz

Dr. Jürg Kuster

Project Leader

Dr. phil. nat.

Brigitte Küng

Project Leader

Master of Science in Business Administration / Entrepreneurship

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Braingain anstatt Braindrain

Ein grosser Nachteil der Gebirgskantone ist die Distanz zu den wirtschaftsstarken Metropolitanräumen. Das gilt vor allem für den Kanton Graubünden, wo viele hoch qualifizierte Arbeit­nehmer abwandern.

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