Business innovation

Setting out the problem

Strategy and innovation often go together, as the core question in the strategy process is generally how to adapt to the changes in market conditions. This requires innovation in products, processes and business models.

There is an endless amount of literature available on innovation and innovation processes and it often also throws up fashionable buzzwords and Anglicisms.

Most theoretical concepts are based on the assumption of the ‘greenfield’ approach to innovation. In reality however, innovation has to be created out of existing structures. That is why the innovation concepts have to be adapted for existing businesses.

Our approach

In the world of our experiences, it’s about the question is how an existing organisation can be adapted to meet the challenges of the future.

In this context, the central focus of our work is on the question of the areas of business and business models of the future.

Whilst innovation may often be portrayed as a sexy process, in reality it is hard graft that requires a disciplined approach, both in terms of our thought processes and actions. The art is being able to sift out, from the endless number of existing ideas for innovation, those that are unsuitable so you only try out those that have a credible chance of market success.

It goes without saying that we employ various tried and tested techniques for creativity in order to develop new ideas working in collaboration with our clients’ management personnel. What is more important however is to document the existing ideas in the organisation, to categorise them and ‘put meat on the bones’ with regard to their implementation. In this context, we are guided by, amongst others, the techniques according to Slywotzky/Wise "How to grow when markets don't".

Contact person

Lorenz Bösch


Degree in Agricultural Engineering (B.Sc)
Former Cantonal Councillor Canton of Schwyz

René Goetz


Bachelor’s degree in business administration
Post-graduate diploma in business administration

Peder Plaz


Master in Public Administration (Harvard)
Degree in Business Administration HWV

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Charter Flights to Engadin Airport Samedan (SMV)

Peder Plaz und Robine Baumgartner have developed a promising business case to better connect the tourism industry of St. Moritz (Switzerland) an it's surroundings to major european Cities by air transportation based on charters flights. 

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"Service Public" am Valser Dachberg?

Hanser Consulting AG unterstützt die Gemeinde und Sportbahnen Vals bei der Entwicklung von innovativen Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten.

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